The top 2 potential FAs at every position of need for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won't have a lot of money to spend heading into free agency but we know they can create whatever they want.

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Miami Dolphins offense is lacking a prototype receiver. That big tall guy that can go up and get the ball.

Tee Higgins - the top WR on the market this year, Higgins is likely going to leave the Bengals but there are a lot of teams who will be trying to grab his attention and throw money at him. Higgins is going to get paid big time and will probably be overpaid.

Michael Pittman Jr. - Will the Colts keep him? Probably not. Pittman is capable of working outside but he needs to be better. The Dolphins have Cedrick Wilson, Jr. who they believe is their possession guy. Pittman would be in a similar role. It would be surprising if the Dolphins even glanced in his direction.

At 6' 4", Pittman has the ideal size that Miami is lacking and didn't find with Chase Claypool.

There are a lot of WRs hitting the open market this year, potentially.

  • Mike Evans - Tampa Bay
  • Calvin Ridley - Jacksonville
  • Tyler Boyd - Cincinnati
  • Darnell Mooney - Chicago

Gabe Davis - The Bills WR and potential FA has been on the lips of many Miami Dolphins fans over the last month. He fits what the Dolphins need and could open the offense considerably. He would be a big addition to the Dolphins offense but it is unlikely the Dolphins will offer enough to entice him.