The top 2 potential FAs at every position of need for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins won't have a lot of money to spend heading into free agency but we know they can create whatever they want.
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The Miami Dolphins offensive line needs could be massive in 2024. In fact, the team could completely overhaul the line at three of the five positions.

Robert Hunt could be an FA. Connor Williams could be an FA. There is a hole at LG and Terron Armstead could retire leaving a gaping hole at LT. The Dolphins' offensive line isn't nearly as physical as they should be and injuries destroyed the depth in 2023. Miami's approach this off-season is going to be under scrutiny from the start.

Tyron Smith - The Cowboys' top LT has been in the league a long time (2011). He has a history of injuries and hasn't played a full season since 2015. Sounds like a Chris Grier type of player.

Trent Brown - It's hard to believe that the Bill Belichick days in New England are over. Will Jerod Mayo try and maintain the "Patriot Way" or take the team in a new direction? Trent Brown will be a decision the team needs to make early.

Brown is good but he isn't elite by any means. He will need to fit into the Dolphins system and will likely need a good LG to help with the gaps. Excellent in pass protection, the Dolphins don't need a LT guarding Tua's blindside and they locked Austin Jackson up mid-season.

Kevin Dotson - Moving inside, Dotson is the top potential guard this off-season. The Rams traded for Dotson prior to last year so the Rams should be looking to keep him. He would be a good fit in Miami's offense where he is solid in pass protection, an area Miami needs to improve in. Against the run, he is good enough.

Kevin Zeitler - Zeitler's NFL career is just about over and the Dolphins could look to try and get another year out of him. He has only missed four games total in the last three seasons and has been very good at pass protection and run blocking. If the Dolphins are looking for a quick one, maybe a two-year fix at the most, Zeitler is a quality option but not a long-term solution.