The truth about the Miami Dolphins fans don't want to hear about

With the season underway and in a 4 and 1 record are you ready to handle the truth about the Miami Dolphins team?
Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel directs his team during the first half of an NFL game at
Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel directs his team during the first half of an NFL game at / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

Coach Mike McDaniel is the coach for this team. Yes, I thought some coaches in the past were good but man McDaniel is everything we needed. He is poised at press conferences taking heat away from players and using it as praise. He has maximized player's upside and finding ways to get the most out of his talent each and every week. Lastly, he is respected and well-liked in the locker room. Sign this man to an extension this off-season because he is a gem.

The truth is that we as fans have waited for a coach like this for a very very long time.

This kind of speed is something we have never seen in Miami and the truth is it will get better! The Miami Dolphins have the fastest team in the NFL with Achane, Hill, Waddle, Mostert, and Wilson, and looking back in our history books I can't name a faster team. Any of our speed players can easily break a big play. The thing is that when these guys get the ball look out you might miss them going into the touchdown. The FO has done a good job at seeing speed and making it look good on paper not easy to do when you look at history, speed hasn't always panned out.

The truth is that the WR group is great but still has some glaring holes.

While injuries do take their toll on any NFL franchise we have a good blend of speed and playmakers. While we have three great targets plus running backs, I would see that we look to add some more speed this off-season and cut ties with a few players. Not saying I am not enjoying this group but for Tua to continue to shine we need a few good elements on this offense.

This offense line is different but the truth is, McDaniel and the offensive ball release are to help with that. Now don't get me wrong the OL is much better than last year and they are succeeding on every front but the release of Tua is incredibly quick. This has aided his ability to get the ball quickly to his playmakers and keep Tua upright in the pocket. I have also seen a difference in the running attack again, with the coaching staff using the strengths of the players in guard pulls and upfield blocking attacks.

The Truth is that our defensive line is a bit of a question mark.

While Wilkins is in line for a big deal has he really put in all on the field? The answer is yes, rarely do guys get past him and he does defeat blocks one on one basis though the thing he draws most is double teams. Sieler has been out playing very well and showing outstanding effort. The three front has been a bit of a roller coaster so far but consistent weeks are needed for this group to be a true force in the NFL.

Close your eyes but our linebackers are one of the weak links for the team. While I will waive this statement to Andrew Van Ginkel who has been a force for the Dolphins this season. He has been around the ball and been a force in the pass rushing. Chubb has still not been the player Miami paid for, he shows great heart but he isn't showing up on the stat sheet. I know fans want to see more but I will call this the factor of presence felt on any given play.

Don't turn your back on him this season! Baker might be turning a corner but his contract and time are starting to slowly show some cracks. I liked his effort last week but he doesn't seem to be the guy who needs and the truth is we need effort 100% for the rest of the season or need to move on from him. Philips is a force when healthy and he makes big plays but a healthy player makes this defense scary. Long is still getting his footing and used to the Dolphins group but with Week 5 done, we have just a taste of what he is capable of.

Our secondary has had some up and down players this year. The truth is that this group is elite but underplaying its full potential. Howard the savvy vet has been solid this year and I know most people are saying he isn't elite but most of his play has been good. With Ramsey out Kohou has filled in well. Yes, he had his worst showing as a pro against Diggs a few weeks ago but to be truthful, this was a great way for Kohou to grow. The depth has been a bit disappointing past Kohou but we have some returning players and Smith continues to grow and learn. Holland has been at all Pro levels and he continues to shine each week.

The truth is special teams haven't been very good this year.

Both Sanders and Bailey have been rather lackluster, to say the least. Sanders still hasn't been as confident as he was in his all-pro year. I think the Miami Dolphins might move on from him this offseason but that could change with a flawless rest of the season. Fans are losing faith in a kicker who once was a draft pick for the team. Bailey doesn't have an elite leg or an accurate one but he does get the job done. While he has not punted the ball as much as some, he still isn't it at punter. This section does not apply to our long snapper Blake Ferguson, congratulations on your contract extension!

Truth be told we have the team now for winning but it still has a few holes to fill. I love our chances for a late playoff and even the Super Bowl appearance if we figure things out on defense with the linebackers and consistency on the defensive line. I also hope to see more from our defensive depth! The season is young and we have lots of time to make some changes and finish the 2023 season strong.