There are 3 options for the Miami Dolphins center job and one of them isn't ideal

Jan 21, 2024; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills center Mitch Morse (60) prepares to snap
Jan 21, 2024; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Buffalo Bills center Mitch Morse (60) prepares to snap / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The one hole the Miami Dolphins didn't create on the roster is center. It can be fixed pretty easily because the team has the option.

The loss of Connor Williams in 2023 wasn't ideal but there was no guarantee that Williams would have been extended by the Dolphins had he remained healthy. Williams was having a Pro Bowl-caliber season when he went down with a knee injury.

In 2024, Williams won't be available until mid-season, and that forces Miami to make a decision on the position now. Had Williams not been injured the Dolphins may have already re-signed him. Now, they have to decide if they should wait it out and run with a short-term solution or get someone to hold it down for the next four years.

Liam Eichenberg is the in-house option that the Miami Dolphins shouldn't turn to.

Eichenberg started in place of Williams last year and while he did an admirable job he isn't built as the long-term option. Eichenberg is more suited to play left guard and that is where the Dolphins should move him to. As a backup. Until Eichenberg becomes consistent at any position, he is a liability on the offensive line. Another year of quality coaching may fix his inconsistency.

If the Dolphins believe Eichenberg is the option it might give us clarity to think Williams is going to be brought back when he is healthier. Williams would make more sense than Eichenberg but Eichenberg could be the play to carry the workload until Williams returns.

Free Agency is always a possibility when a team like the Dolphins need to address a position like center.

Miami hasn't had a pure center on the roster since Mike Pouncey was drafted. Since then, the Dolphins have taken an annual approach to finding someone who can cheaply do the job. This year's free agency period will not be a big one for the Dolphins but if they want to fix the position, there are options.

Mitch Morse

Morse was recently released by the Bills after five seasons. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 2022. He is a physical blocker who is consistent in both pass protection and run blocking. His knowledge of defenses takes away the learning curve that would come with a rookie. Another advantage for the Dolphins is Morse is coming from a division rival.

The question that needs to be asked is whether or not Morse would want to play for the Dolphins. While they say the NFL is a business, some players can't picture themselves playing for a division rival.

Lloyd Cushenberry III

The Broncos are gutting their roster, including QB and Cushenberry is likely to hit free agency. His slow start in the NFL can be blamed on a lot of things but last year he looked like the draft prospect many thought he would be. If he hits free agency this year, he will again end up with a different HC and oline coach for the 4th time in 4 years.

In Miami, Butch Berry would have a solid center to mold. Cushenberry is a better run blocker than a pass blocker but he should improve in that area. He showed signs last year. Cushenberry isn't going to be a bank-breaking addition to any team due to the questions surrounding his first few seasons and he could be ideal for the Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins could wait out the NFL Draft to find a center.

The benefits of drafting a player are that you get to develop the player the way that you want and you get the player for a lot cheaper price and won't have to deal with a new contract for four years. The downside to that is you could have another team leapfrog you in the draft and take your target before you can.

Jackson Powers-Johnson

Oregan center Powers-Johnson is the player Miami Dolphins fans have fallen in love with. After a great Senior Bowl week, JPJ has an equally impressive NFL Combine showing. JPJ is going to climb boards as a result but he still could be around when Miami selects at 21.

Graham Barton

Barton is a graduating senior from Duke. He has all the tools to be a quality interior offensive lineman and is projected as a late first or mid-second-round pick. The Dolphins may try and wait for Barton in round two but he likely won't fall to 55.

This is the gamble the Dolphins have to weigh as they approach free agency this year. Wait out Connor Williams and ride with Liam Eichenberg, sign a free-agent center that has starting experience, or hope the draft falls into their plans.