There are six players the Miami Dolphins absolutely must contain if they are to beat the L.A. Chargers on Sunday

Forget about Justin Herbert. Every NFL team has to account for a quarterback and the Miami Dolphins are no different in this regard. On Sunday, there are five other players that will determine the outcome, for or against Miami.

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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While the Dolphins offense will have their own problems to contend with, the Miami Dolphins defense will have some of their own as well.

Austin Ekeler is a very good running back. He may not be the elite runner in the NFL but he is without question top 5. His ability to catch passes out of the backfield makes him a hard RB to contain. What is worse for defenses is that the Chargers use him the right way in the passing game.

L.A. will keep him back to block and protect Herbert, then when he can, he slides out for an easy dump pass and typically there is wide open space in front of him. This is where his biggest value is.

As a runner, Ekeler is good but he isn't going to create lanes for himself. Dangerous on the outside, less so up the middle. For the Dolphins, containment is the key and players like Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips need to recognize that when he peels off the block, he is a receiver. In other words, if it is easy to get around Ekeler, then he is giving you up to catch the pass.

If Miami can keep Ekeler from making big gains and containing him in the passing game, the Dolphins will be in good position to force Herbert into errant throws. He will get erratic under pressure and withuout an outlet receiver, he won't burn you often with his legs.