There is no shame in the Miami Dolphins losing to good football teams, it could be worse

The Miami Dolphins once again managed to keep alive the national media narrative that they can't win against good teams. It is still better than losing to bad ones.
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs / Ralf Ibing - firo sportphoto/GettyImages

Yes, the national media narrative "the Miami Dolphins can't beat winning teams" will continue for another few weeks. Yes, the Miami Dolphins dropped a game to the Kansas City Chiefs but it is time to put a little perspective on what the Dolphins have done so far in 2023.

Miami's losses suck. They seriously do. Monday mornings after a loss are horrible but probably not as bad as that long flight from Germany tapped with a loss.

Should we, as fans, be concerned? Should we be upset? Or should we realize that this is the NFL and good teams are hard to beat? Yeah, we all wanted this victory in Germany pretty badly but we also wanted that win against the Eagles and Bills as well.

Miami has lost, ready for this, three games in 2023. That is one less than the consensus number-one team in the AFC East according to pre-season media predictions.

Now let's look at reasons why we should come off the cliff.

  • Miami has lost one game more than the 7-2 Ravens, 7-2 Chiefs, and 6-2 Jaguars.
  • Miami has lost to the Chiefs (7-2), the Eagles (8-1), and the Bills (5-4)
  • Miami has lost all three of their games to above .500 teams on the road.
  • Miami has lost two games to teams coming off unexpected losses (Chiefs lose to Denver, Eagles lose to Jets)
  • Against the Eagles - The game was tied until the very end of the 3rd quarter and Miami was 7 points down until 4:43 left in the game when the Eagles got another TD late.
  • Against the Chiefs - Miami's defense held Patrick Mahomes to under 200 yards passing, Travis Kelce to 3 receptions, and the Chiefs run game to below 100 yards. An uncharacteristic fumble by Tyreek Hill led to a TD return. Miami fought back but an errant snap and previous throw ended any chance of sending the game to overtime.

Should Miami Dolphins fans be upset? On Sunday, I think we all were. The game against the Chiefs was a winnable game for the Dolphins. The defense was stifling, the offense let them down.

Yes, Miami has to find a way to get points on the board against good teams. Good teams with good defenses don't make a lot of mistakes and that is something Miami's offense prays upon. When that doesn't happen, they struggle.

Miami has some tough games left on their schedule including a trip to New York to face the Jets and a trip to Baltimore to take on a very good Ravens team. They will, however, get the Jets and Bills at home and the Cowboys at home.

The rest of the schedule? Miami will play the Commanders in Washington while hosting the Titans and Raiders. There is a lot of football yet to be played and with this schedule, the Dolphins will likely lose one or two more, if not three.

What the Dolphins do in the regular season will not be as important as to what they do in January.

While we mope around because of the current loss and the previous losses to the Eagles and Bills, it could be worse. Miami could have lost to the teams they were supposed to beat. The Chiefs lost to the Broncos. The Bills have lost to the Jets and Patriots. The Ravens lost to the Steelers and Colts.

Teams lose. We may want Miami to go out and beat the best teams to prove a point but would you want that at the cost of losing to teams that won't come close to the playoffs? I'd rather lose close in the regular season to great teams and when Miami figures out how to beat out NFL.