This is who the Miami Dolphins drafted in the 2023 NFL case you didn't know

Nov 26, 2022; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson wide receiver Antonio Williams(0) catches a ball near South
Nov 26, 2022; Clemson, SC, USA; Clemson wide receiver Antonio Williams(0) catches a ball near South / Anderson Independent Mail-USA TODAY

The Miami Dolphins entered the 2023 NFL Draft with four selections and on day two, they stuck to their board, didn't trade up, and didn't trade down.


Cornerback - South Carolina - Cam Smith

Smith is a fast cornerback that adds quality depth to the Dolphins secondary. He will give Vic Fangio options in the secondary that could allow Jalen Ramsey to move inside and play freely around the defense.

Smith may not have been the flashy pick but he was a smart one given the shape of the draft up to that point.


Running back - Texas A&M - De'Von Achane

Mike McDaniel fist pumped the air after the Dolphins made their selection. Miami's head coach has been on the Achane bandwagon for weeks and was thrilled that he got the running back he wanted out of this draft. McDaniel said he was nervous that someone was going to get to him first.

Achane is an exceptional athlete with elite speed and vision. He will challenge for front end snaps. While he isn't expected to be an every down player, in Miami, he doesn't need to be. In fact, the one-two-three punch with Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson, Jr., and now Achane makes Miami's offense a speed machine that will wear down opposing defenses.


Wide receiver/Tight end - Sanford - Elijah Higgins

Higgins is a big WR that measures more like a tight end. The Dolphins expect to move him to TE where has played inline at Sanford. While Higgins isn't a true TE, he has value to the Dolphins as a versatile player that can line up in different sets giving McDaniel more to work with.

There is value in Higgins who is impressive with his ability to break blocks and gain yards after the catch. He has better speed than most tight ends but there are questions as to whether he can transition at the NFL level. The Dolphins will likely bring him along slowly.


Offensive tackle - Michigan - Ryan Hayes

It took the Dolphins six rounds to draft their tight end and it took another round to address the offensive line. Hayes is a project but has significant starting experience at a top NCAA school.

The Dolphins will need to beef him up physically and work on some of his techniques. Hayes lacks ideal arm length but makes up for it with good balance and feet position. He has a a great attitude and should be able to move from left tackle where he played at Michigan to a guard or maybe right tackle.

In 2023, Hayes should be seen as a developmental depth player with a lot of upside.