Three cuts the Miami Dolphins can and should consider making to add more cap

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens
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The Miami Dolphins currently sit around $5-6 million in cap room. They still have needs on their roster and there are still free agents available.

While Miami doesn't have to do much right now the fact the team is still exploring free-agent additions means they are still trying to make moves to add to the roster. Which they should be and need to do.

According to the Dolphins website, they have 65 players on the roster which means they have a lot more room. Clearly, the Dolphins don't need to make moves to add players but they may need to add more cap space.

The Dolphins can't go into the draft and add six players and then fill the remainder of the roster with undrafted rookies. They need to cut those 30 roster spots in half or at least close to it.

While Miami explores players like Odell Beckham, Jr. they are going to need more cap room. Yes, they will get around $18 million on June 2nd thanks to the Xavien Howard release and potentially more with a Tua Tagovailoa restructure but if they want to make moves now, they need cap space.