Three cuts the Miami Dolphins can and should consider making to add more cap

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Duke Riley
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Duke Riley - $2.5 million savings

Riley is still part of the roster and honestly, I don't know why. I like the guy, as an athlete and what he gives the team because his effort is there. The problem is he isn't consistent. There is a lack of physicality when he plays and effort can only compensate for so long.

New coach Anthony Weaver is remaking the defensive side of the ball and has brought in better linebackers to the unit but why is Riley still there? Maybe Weaver thinks he can work with him.

Riley has been in the NFL for 8 years, three with Miami and he has not become a reliable starter. $2.5 million may not be a lot of money but it helps. If he is released, maybe the Dolphins can bring him back on a minimum deal.