Top 10 individual matchups to watch for the Miami Dolphins in 2023

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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9. Mike McDaniel vs Bill Belichick (weeks 2 and 8)

Mike McDaniel
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Bill Belichick is one of the greatest head coaches in NFL history. A silent genius, Belichick continues to outsmart and outcoach the competition even still to this day. But there is a new breed of younger coaches who have seemed to take over the league. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel can make a serious statement to Belichick and New England if Miami can sweep the season series for only the second time in more than 20 years. McDaniel has been great for Miami in his short tenure, but does have the occasional head-scratching decision. Belichick hardly ever makes mistakes, so if McDaniel wants to win this coaching matchup, he'll need to be creative, yet safe.

10. Tyreek Hill vs Sauce Gardner (weeks 12 and 15)

Sauce Gardner, Tyreek Hill
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The reigning defensive rookie of the year and most hyped cornerback since Darrell Revis had his own island, Ahmad 'Sauce' Gardner is the new big thing in New York. The Jets may have acquired Aaron Rodgers this offseason, but I'm looking at the other side of the ball as the matchup to watch. Gardner and Tyreek Hill will be a fun one. Flags will probably fly, lips will be chirping and the media will eat it up. Last season, Gardner admittedly shut down Hill and the Dolphins in their week five contest and ultimately came up with his first career interception -- then proceeded to taunt Hill with his own deuces.

It was more of the same in week 18 as Hill only recorded two receptions, but in all fairness, the starting quarterback in both games was Skylar Thompson who filled in for an injured Tua and Teddy Bridgewater. Miami actually ended up winning the latter game 11-6 oddly enough and had the last laugh. In 2023, Miami expects to have a healthy Tua as Tyreek Hill has something to prove to the cocky young defensive back. Expect a physical and noisy matchup as Hill looks to prove to Sauce why he is still one of the best receivers in the game.