Top 5 things I can't wait to see from the Miami Dolphins this coming season

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Mike McDaniel
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Will Mike McDaniel actually commit to the running game?

I want to see the evolution of this offense. Based on what Mike McDaniel has said since last season ended, a way the offense may evolve is by running the ball more. McDaniel has admitted several times that he knows he didn't run the ball more often in certain games especially when it was working. He's not wrong.

The Dolphins decided the best thing for business was to bring the entire running back room back which means it will be Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr. as the two backs to start the season.

But as we all know, the Dolphins went ahead and drafted Devon Achane in the 3rd round this year which tells me that we will see Achane on the field here and there. I wish I knew how many snaps to expect for Achane to begin the year because at the moment I don't know when he gets on the field.

I wonder if there will be an Achane package where he's on the field with Hill and Waddle at the same time because that would be the fastest thing maybe ever.

I want to see if McDaniel will be able to control himself and run the ball even when everything in his being is saying to pass. Has he gained that discipline? I hope so because we all know that if this team can run the ball even only a little bit better, it will make getting the ball to Hill and Waddle that much easier. This offense is predicated on getting the ball into their hands and running it will make that task much more consistent.

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