Trade Jaylen Waddle? Xavien Howard and a cryptic message? The latest Dolphins talk has fans going nuts

These are the some of the larger discussions being had about the Miami Dolphins.

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Xavien Howard posts cryptic tweet about his future.

There is nothing like a big, tough professional athlete posting a mysterious tweet as if this was 2002 and they were leaving some Atreyu lyrics as their AIM away message, something I would know nothing about.

Well, this is 2024 and pro athletes love nothing more than to follow and unfollow their team's accounts, like certain messages, and of course passively aggressively letting the world know where they MIGHT stand on something. Xavien Howard is no different.

It has that feeling that Xavien Howard's time in Miami is just about up. He had a solid year last season but started to break down towards the end of the season. Injuries have been something that has been a big part of Howard's tenure in Miami.

And make no mistake, Xavien Howard has been phenomenal for the Dolphins. He's been pretty much their best player since he got to the team in 2016.

But with the money he is currently making and how bad the cap situation is for the Dolphins, it seems like now is the time to move on.

Unfortunately, shedding Howard's contract won't be beneficial until after June 1st. Kind of like Byron Jones, the Dolphins can't save $18.5M until after June 1st so this is likely to be something that hangs around for a few months.