Trade Jaylen Waddle? Xavien Howard and a cryptic message? The latest Dolphins talk has fans going nuts

These are the some of the larger discussions being had about the Miami Dolphins.

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Daniel Jeremiah mocks OLB Laiatu Latu to the Miami Dolphins.

We are firmly in mock draft season. Some of you may not think there isn't any point in mock drafts at this point since we have no idea what the Miami Dolphins will be doing in free agency. I get that. But it's going to happen anyway so I don't see much reason to get to bothered by them.

Personally, I don't seek out any mock drafts.. But when I see an individual player being mocked to the Dolphins by a guy like Daniel Jeremiah, I take a peek.

Jeremiah is a solid draft guy, so I listen to him about this stuff. Truthfully, nobody has any real handle on who is going where, and we know all these teams will blatantly lie to folks about who they're targeting, so you might as well call up Miss Cleo(deep cut right there) to see who the Miami Dolphins will draft with the 21st pick assuming they keep it.

I honestly don't know too much about outside linebacker Laiatu Latu. Jeremiah says here that Miami drafting an edge rusher would give the Dolphins three excellent pass rushers alongside injured Bradley Chubb and also injured Jaelan Phillips who is still in fantastic shape and is progressing well.

I can't say Jeremiah is wrong but I don't see the Dolphins going with an edge rusher in the first round if they only have one. Sure, I could be wrong but at the moment I say they will be going with some form of an offensive linemen.

Laiatu Latu, I'm sure, is awesome, and his highlight tape, I imagine, is loaded with athletic plays that will make me rethink the whole offensive linemen thing. But I'm sticking with Miami going with an offensive linemen. I'm sticking with that until I'm not.