Trade Jaylen Waddle? Xavien Howard and a cryptic message? The latest Dolphins talk has fans going nuts

These are the some of the larger discussions being had about the Miami Dolphins.

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Mike Tannenbaum says the Miami Dolphins should trade Jaylen Waddle.

The hot take game is a fierce one especially when the NFL is in the offseason. Folks just get out there on the morning shows and really let it fly like they're a college kid returning home for Thanksgiving break. These analysts want everyone to check them out and get those engagement numbers in an effort to let the executives know that they should bring them back later down the road.

Mike Tannenbaum has a decent handle on the take game, which is more than he can say about his actual career as a general manager in the NFL. Although, his hot takes might come true more often than his actual player selection. We'll have to check the numbers on that.

Not sure what's more likely, the Dolphins trading Jaylen Waddle for Trent McDuffie or Jeff Darlington being able to roll his eyes any harder.

I see where Tannenbaum thinks this works. The Chiefs need a receiver, and McDuffie wants to get paid. That's about as far as the logic trail goes.

Nothing against Trent McDuffie, but the Miami Dolphins have a whole system in place that requires Jaylen Waddle being the opposite of Tyreek Hill. We can talk about Waddle not being utilized enough but he firmly has a role on this team and is probably the best #2 wide receiver in the league.

Also, I'm not even sure the Chiefs would think it was a fair trade. McDuffie is a stud that we saw do serious work in the Super Bowl. I don't think you let a young guy like that walk. The Chiefs are the Chiefs meaning they make smart moves. Must be nice.

Jaylen Waddle will certainly need to be addressed by the Dolphin's brass. I really don't think he will be a player they let walk when it's time to sign him long-term. That time is quickly approaching.

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