Tributes from fans and colleagues pour in after Chris Mortensen's passing

Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks - November 27, 2006
Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks - November 27, 2006 / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The news that Chris Mortensen has passed away has sent shockwaves through the NFL community and now, his colleagues and fans are speaking out.

Mortensen passed away at the age of 72 early on Sunday. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2016, Mortensen stayed strong and beat the disease. Last year, he stepped away from ESPN and retired.

Now, the sports world is saddened by the loss of an icon. ESPN released a message announcing the news.

The news came quickly a short while ago and at first, it seemed to be another social media hoax. Sadly that is not the case. Not a single person has had anything negative to say about the iconic journalist and personality. From fans who have interacted with him to colleagues who learned from him. The stories have all been the same. Gracious with his time and always smiling.

My personal interactions with Mortensen were extremely brief. I saw him at a Dolphins game and as he walked by I said hello. He stopped, turned, smiled, and said hello. The fact that he bothered at all says a lot.

For amateur journalists, Mortensen was a reliable source of not only information but also a source that clarified the difference between rumor, speculation, and simple false information. If Mortensen was reporting it, it was real.

Daniel Jeremiah's emotions are more than raw. They are an emotion shared by many of his colleagues who looked up to him, learned from him, and were mentored by him.

Louis Riddick also shared his thoughts as well.

Former Miami Dolphins executive Mike Tannenbaum took to social media to pay his respects as well.

There is one reality as it relates to Chris Mortensen. His life is a legacy that was filled with helping others strive to be better. Not because he demanded those around him to be better but because he made those around him want to be better.

Mortensen was a draft day staple and as someone who has been writing for 17 years and someone who has watched every draft since ESPN televised the first one in 1980, Mortensen's eventual addition to the telecast was one of the best moves ESPN ever made.

The entire sports world is mourning the loss of Mortensen and the Mort Report will always be a fond memory.

From all of us at this site, we wish you peace and we pray for your family. We also say thank you.