Tua Tagoavailoa is the NFL MVP hands down through six weeks of football

The Miami Dolphins are 5-1 and Tua is a big reason for it, but is he the only reason?
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Tua Tagovailoa has been the best quarterback in the NFL through 6 weeks and the argument isn't really close. I recently read an article by Cody Benjamin on CBSSports.com where he ranked Tua as the 3rd best quarterback in the NFL. After 6 weeks I can't agree with him.

He ranks Tua behind Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been the standard over the last few years that all others are compared to and rightly so. He has been unstoppable and won a Super Bowl and he did this while losing Tyreek Hill.

Josh Allen has been a force throwing and running and continues to be one. He is a bowling ball when he runs and the Bills have dominated the AFC East the last couple years with him at the helm. The skill set he brings has allowed the Bills to be a contender while having a subpar running back room and offensive line.

The argument I have is that neither of those players is playing as well as they have in years past. Allen has 6 turnovers in 5 games and Mahomes has thrown 5 interceptions and barely beat a Denver team that Miami beat so bad the NFL should have considered demoting them to the XFL.

Outside of the Buffalo game, Tua has been arguably the best QB in the league. If this offense continues the way it's going then Tua should be your MVP. He is leading the best offense the league has seen since the Greatest Show on Turf. An argument could be made for Tyreek for MVP and I think he'll end the season with just over 2,000 yards receiving. But I also think Tua, if he stays healthy, will finish with over 5,500 yards passing this year and break every QB record in the books.

The big-time pundits will continue to argue for Mahomes, Allen, and even Hurts. They'll argue that Mahomes will put it together and Allen is a force and Hurts just won a Super Bowl. What they're really saying is Mahomes and Hurts should be considered for MVP based on reputation, not current play. We should care about what you've done for me lately not how you performed last year.

Allen's argument is different because it's like the old Brett Farve discussions. He does so much good we should ignore the turnovers. But we can't ignore the turnovers. His job is to protect the football and he's thrown 6 interceptions and fumbled twice. He's on pace for 25 turnovers this year. That's not MVP-worthy numbers.

Tua has led the best offense in the league. He has fewer turnovers than Josh Allen and has been responsible for more touchdowns than Mahomes and Hurts. The Dolphins are averaging 36 points per game this year and if they continue on this pace, any argument against Tua for MVP should turn to Tyreek for MVP and I would argue that Tua's play this year is on another level and the reason he'll win MVP and play himself into a $40 million per year contract in the offseason.