Tua Tagovailoa doesn't have to be elite to win a Super Bowl and McDaniel needs to know that

The Miami Dolphins season has been over for a few weeks now so naturally, the Tua Tagovailoa debates rage on.
2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games
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Tua Tagovailoa will be the Miami Dolphins' big offseason water cooler discussion amid new contract rumors and out of this world trade speculation.

There is nothing like the offseason for Miami Dolphins fans. Tua Tagovailoa remains the topic of discussion heading into the abyss that is free agency and the NFL Draft. Some fans think he is elite, others think he is horrible. There is no gray area in between. You either love him, hate him, or keep quiet and sit in the shadows.

The thing is, Tua doesn't have to be elite for the Miami Dolphins to win a Super Bowl. He doesn't even have to be close to elite. Tua just needs to be good and not make mistakes. Can he be an elite NFL quarterback? Maybe. Something will need to click with him but he is far from horrible.

Mike McDaniel is the key to it all if we are being honest. He has to realize every Tua strength and every weakness. He needs to focus on the strengths and limit the number of plays that Tua can't be expected to make. McDaniel needs to adapt his offensive system.

Perhaps he already has. I'm sure there are plenty of fans saying McDaniel is being handcuffed by Tua's limitations. That may be somewhat true but not completely. McDaniel isn't doing Tua any favors on the field with his play calling in critical situations. Chris Grier is not doing either of them any favors with the transient turnstile play of the offensive line.

The Dolphins can not, however, win a Super Bowl with Tua shouldering the team as Patrick Mahomes did this year with the Chiefs. They can win with Tua so long as he has help but if they expect him to raise his game to the point he can elevate every player around him, they might be waiting a lot longer than the window for success will be open.

Tagovailoa told the media during the Pro Bowl that he has four things he wants to work on this offseason and while he didn't say what those four things were, hopefully he jumps into them like he did martial arts to help with head injuries.

The future for Tua is in Miami whether some fans like it or not but it is up to the Dolphins to use his abilities the right way.