Tua Tagovailoa once again in the crosshairs of the media thanks to Shannon Sharpe's insane take

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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In the most recent edition of "NFL talking head criticizes Tua Tagovailoa for no reason while also being completely off base", Shannon Sharpe believes that Tua should not feel good at all about how he plays.

This stems from yesterday's press conference where Tua didn't bow to the media and come out and say that he was a terrible football player that is only having the success he has because of Tyreek Hill.

Tua saying he has kept receipts of all the people who have cut him down isn't anything to take literally. I sincerely doubt that Tua has a burn book of analysts and talking heads who have said disparaging words about him. I just know that he hears and sees what gets said about him and can easily remember the biggest and dumbest people who say nonsense about him.

My biggest thing is what would you like Tua to do? Shannon Sharpe, says he should bring that energy after the Titans game. My counter to that for Tua or any athlete is why would anyone talk good about themselves in such a forceful way after a loss? I understand what that phrase, "keep that same energy" means but here's a little newsflash; no one on Earth keeps that same energy.

Also, what is Tua supposed to do act like he's Kenny Pickett or Mac Jones as if he hasn't been playing well last year and this year? How dumb would that be? The answer is it would be really dumb. You're a special type of moron if you think Tua walks around like he's Dan Marino. But there you go and see Shannon Sharpe saying that and you have to be like "Well, Shannon may be a hall of famer he actually might be some sort of moron."

Tua has 50 TDs and 18 INTs over the last two seasons and folks like Shannon Sharpe and others want to act like any guy can do that as long as you have Tyreek Hill. No duh, Tyreek Hill is really good and every quarterback in the league would cut off a toe to have him on their team. But before Tyreek and McDaniel got to Miami Tua went 13-8 with DeVante Parker, Mike Gesicki, and Jakeem Grant as his receivers so I guess he can win games with worse players around him.

This idea that the only way you can be good is if you don't have good players around is beyond ridiculous. Go look at every quarterback that has won a title. They have great skill players, a great defense, or a combination of both.

Later, Sharpe mentioned DeVante Adams being the highest-paid receiver and then Miami moved "heaven and Earth" to get Tyreek because they knew Tua needed that kind of help. Go look at how the Raiders and DeVante have done since he got there. But I thought anyone could get one of these great receivers and automatically be great. Guess not.

I'd like to think by 2023 we would be more evolved to get past tired narratives such as you're only good if you do everything by yourself in football but we are not. It's all you see on the internet. This guy is only good because of this guy or he didn't play lights out when he didn't have this player in the game.

This back-and-forth that happened today between Richard Sherman and Kurt Warner, you know a Hall of Famer and a future Hall of Famer illustrates that point.

If you want to go after Tua for not playing his best when the lights are the brightest, I'll hear that and agree with you. He needs to be better in the biggest games. But this idea that he's this boastful player who goes around bragging that he's the man is so lame and not even close to the truth.

I realize this won't ever change for Tua. He can win it all and he still will be dogged for winning with Tyreek Hill or Mike McDaniel as the sole reason for his success. It's annoying and I try not to react to daytime contrived sports TV but it's a slow day today and the holidays are here so I figured I'd air out this grevience Festivus style.

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