Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert? Tua makes it clear that he was the right choice for the Miami Dolphins

There will never be an end to the QB debate between Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa but on Sunday, it was Tua that was tipping the scales in his favor.
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

One was taken 5th overall by the Miami Dolphins, the other was passed over and taken 6th by the Chargers. It is a classic case of "did the first team make a mistake?" So far, that answer is a resounding no.

No, let me change that. It isn't a "as for now" statement. It is a yes, the Miami Dolphins made the right decision taking Tua over Herbert.

It is no secret here on PhinPhanatic, I wasn't a fan of Tua coming out of college. I was a Joe Burrow fan and I wanted Miami to draft Justin Herbert. I'm not sure what Herbert would do with Miami's weapons but I can tell you that Tua 100% knows how to use him.

Herbert is a consistent QB but anyone saying he is better than Tua is wrong. If I said it would be wrong. I was wrong for wanting Herbert four years ago but I still like what he has to offer but what he has to offer is not what Miami got in Tua.

The accuracy that Tua showed on Sunday and since arriving in the league is absolutely elite. His touch passes are elite. His arm strength may not be the greastest but is good enough.

Fans from other teams will tell you that Tua is succeeding because of Tyreek Hill. In the first week of 2023 football, it sure looked like Patrick Mahomes would have looked better with Hill. My KC fan brother texted me that he wanted him back.

Tua has a big weapon in Hill but let's not forget Jaylen Waddle had his best career season with Tua and no hill in his rookie campaign. Let's not forget that Tua's biggest issues that critics complained about came under the coaching of Brian Flores who we all know didn't like Tua at all.

Under Mike McDaniel, Tua has flourished because McDaniel uses his strengths instead of expecting him to win with his weaknesses.

Herbert is a capable QB but there are throws Tua made on Sunday against the Chargers that I have not see Herbert make, not even one time. Tua? He can make the throws that Herbert makes every time...just maybe not as far down field.

Will this debate ever end? Probably not while they are playing but right now, there is no question that Tua is a franchise QB and the Miami Dolphins did not make a mistake drafting him. The mistake may have been had they drafted Herbert.