Tua Tagovailoa reportedly doing drills to make himself faster and lose weight says trainer

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs
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Tua Taogvailoa apparently is looking to slim down and add speed to his game this offseason.

The Miami Dolphins star quarterback is slimming down, according to his trainer at PERFORM, Nick Hicks. Hicks mentioned that Tua was asked to put on extra weight in order to "keep him safe" and now, it appears he is working to improve his speed.

This could make a huge difference in his ability to move around the pocket or pull the ball down and run. Tua spent the last off-season working on martial arts drills that taught him better ways to fall and protect his head. This off-season, Tua has already enlisted the help of a QB coach to work with him during the summer months. This is the first time he has worked with a QB coach in the offseason.

If Tua can add speed to his game, with his legs, it could give the Dolphins' offense another element. Tua wasn't running as much as he did through the first three years of his NFL career, last year. That might change but I doubt the Dolphins will encourage him to do it often.

Tua is expected to sign a contract extension this year that will likely pay him more than $200 million with an average of $50 million plus per year. The Dolphins are expected to get that deal done later in the offseason, possibly after June 1st when another $18 million will become available.

For now, knowing that Tua could add some extra spice to his game might just be what was missing last year. Of course, he has to have the confidence to run and not take unnecessary hits.