Tyreek Hill day-to-day with ankle injury and the Miami Dolphins need to protect him from himself

The Miami Dolphins lost a football game on Monday night, they lost their starting center for the year, and Tyreek Hill remains a question.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

If you want to stop a cheetah, you take out his legs. For the Miami Dolphins, a tackle on a play that shouldn't have been called' may keep Tyreek Hill on the sidelines.

The news for Hill isn't good no matter how the team wants to spin this. At his press conference today, Mike McDaniel told reporters that Hill is day-to-day after suffering an ankle injury on the 2nd series of Monday night's loss.

Will he play this week against the Jets? It is too early to know for certain. This is a short week for Miami which will have a five-day turnaround. Hill isn't likely to get much practice this week if any at all. Will McDaniel play him if he spends the week watching from the sideline?

Hill was able to return to the game but he was unable to stick around for it and when Miami needed him the most, he was on the sideline without his helmet.

Hill's quest for 2,000 yards has taken a big hit but that is the least of the Dolphins' worries or concerns, without Hill, the Dolphins' offense looked a bit lost and the Titans' defense had no fear about what Miami's other receivers could do against them.

For those keeping score at home, Hill needs 458 yards to reach the untouchable milestone. He has four games to do it and all four will be played against very good defenses. Needing to average 114 yards per game, the Cheetah can't afford to miss any time but rushing back and further hurting his ankle doesn't help the Dolphins if he can't play the following week or misses a chunk of the season.

Miami has to forget about the 2K goal he set for himself. They probably already have. Miami fans and the media cling to this because it is thrilling but for the success of the team, Miami has to reel him in a bit and let him get healthy. They have a bigger goal to achieve than 2,000 yards.