Tyreek Hill is denying that he broke the leg of a female influencer during a football drill

Tyreek Hill is denying all of the claims made by Sophie Hall.

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The saga of what exactly happened between Tyreek Hill and an influencer named Sophie Hall continues as Tyreek Hill through his legal team have come out to say that the claim that Hill broker her leg during a football drill is "baseless."

The NFL offseason is typically a wild one. Fans of all teams want their team to attend the NFL Combine, do good research and interviews with potential prospects, research NFL free agents that they might add to the team while cutting players that are too expensive and no longer help, and then OTAs. All of the normal things that are supposed to happen.

Then you have the fans, and there are plenty, who cross their fingers every day hoping that nobody on their team does anything stupid that makes headlines and breaks the law. Then you have the Miami Dolphins and you realize it very rarely can be a quiet offseason.

Tyreek Hill, who in his two years here in Miami has been making headlines for off the field things since he got here. The most serious was last year when he was involved in an altercation with an older guy on a pier. Nothing really happened with that even when a video was made public.

Okay, everybody moved on. We've only been in the offseason for less than two months and Tyreek Hill is involved in another situation. It's a situation that if you read this headline slowly and out loud you can really feel the absurdity of it.

Again, here is the situation. Sophie Hall, who is some form of an influencer(which is a word that makes my skin crawl for how lame it is) is claiming that in Tyreek Hill's backyard of his mansion, during a time when Hill was conducting football lessons, broker her leg with a crushing blow.

Read that situation again and try not to roll your eyes so hard that the Earth doesn't stand still. I have no idea if it is true or not, but it is a wild story that seems like can only happen to a Miami Dolphin.

My guess is, and I have no inside sources or have Roger Cossack (remember him and Lester Musnon?) on line one or anything like that, is that not much will come out of this. Hill might settle out of court or something like that and that will be that. I wouldn't expect a suspension from the NFL unless this takes a crazy turn which can't ever be ruled out.

I'd like to be able to tell you this will be the last of this story and other outrageously mind-numbing stories that come out of the world that is the Miami Dolphins. But I can't do that and I won't. When it comes to Tyreek Hill, I don't think laying low and not having stuff just happen is something that comes easy for whatever reason.

Let's hope today is filled with more college prospects who want to devote their lives to the team of the Miami Dolphins.

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