Tyreek Hill names his Top 5 QBs in the NFL and Tua Tagovailoa isn't No. 1

Tyreek Hill has an opinion on NFL quarterbacks
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Tyreek Hill has an opinion on who the best quarterbacks in the NFL are - specifically the Top 5. He should know something about good quarterbacks because he has been fortunate to play with two of them. The question is, where did he rank Tua Tagovailoa?

Hill mentions that the top QB is Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and no one is going to argue that. In fact, had he actually named Tagovailoa, no one would have taken him seriously at all. Interestingly enough, Tyreek calls out his own QB as the second best in the league. Hey, Hill isn't a dumb guy. You can also watch Hill name his Top 5 QBs at this link.

Tyreek Hill of course had Patrick Mahomes as his best QB in the NFL

When Hill arrived in Miami, he immediately went to bat for his new quarterback, calling him the most accurate QB in the league, something he still stands behind. Hill has also spoken up about Tagovailoa getting a contract extension that he deserves as well.

After the Miami signal-caller, Hill thinks the next quarterback is Lamar Jackson and again, I doubt anyone would argue with that thinking, but he does fall off the rails a bit with Dak Prescott at No. 4 - some would argue that he is borderline Top 5. Where he brings some controversy to the list and almost negates his entire line of thinking is when Hill names Baker Mayfield at No. 5.

We have to assume that Hill drew a blank here and that Mayfield was the first name to pop into his head. There will be quite a few NFL fans wondering why Mayfield is on this list and Hill doesn't give any reasons as to why he sees the Top 5 this way. Still, he has Tagovailoa high on the list, so he got that right at least.