Tyreek Hill ranked at 16? ESPN has one stat that ranks him exactly that

Tyreek Hill is ranked 16 by ESPN when it comes to this one statistical number that they are watching, it actually makes you laugh.
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Because I think we all need to have a good laugh right now and look at something besides other teams' records, who they lost to, what it means to be a legit team, or if there are any actually legit teams in the NFL besides two, I present to you a hilarious piece of information straight from ESPN Analytics.

ESPN, who at this point go out of their way to make themselves look lame pretty much at every turn, actually paid money to a bunch of folks to come up with wide receiving metrics that in the end have the guy with the most yards receiving in the NFL along the most TDs as the 16th best wide receiver.

It's the kind of thing that after you make such metrics and then put them on a chart you should notice that Tyreek Hill is at 16. Then, you should be asking yourself "Is this something that makes any kind of sense? Do we think it's a problem that Kendrick Bourne is ranked higher than a guy who is on pace for 2,000 yards?" Your answer should be yes. followed by taking off your Bad Idea Jeans and you should be doing something else with your time.

I realize we live in a time where there is a stat that can make any player look like "elite" and there is a stat that can make any player look like a guy that shouldn't be in the league anymore. But it's metrics like this that would have ranked Shaq as the 13th-best center in the league when he played because his bank shot percentage wasn't very high.

It's metrics like this that wouldn't have given credit to a scrawny Steve Rogers for simply pulling the pin out of the flag pole instead of climbing up that flag pole. Like, what is the point of information like this? To give doofuses reasons to defend Chris Godwin as if he's really a top 10 receiver?

So if you need a laugh to take your mind off the Miami Dolphins losing another big-time game, take a look at these graphs and charts. They will certainly make you forget about all your troubles.

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