Tyreek Hill says 2,000 yards and a Super Bowl for the Miami Dolphins this year

Tyreek Hill is back to talking up the Miami Dolphins ahead of the 2023 training camp and while he isn't guaranteeing a thing, he is saying enough to get the fans pumped up!

Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout
Miami Dolphins Offseason Workout / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Tyreek Hill joined the Miami Dolphins in 2022 and as the season got closer to starting, Hill couldn't stop raving about his quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa. In fact, he publicly made claims that Tua was better than Patrick Mahomes...in accuracy.

Hill had a spectacular season for the Dolphins in 2022 but he fell short of the NFL record in receiving yards and didn't hit 2K but you have to wonder, loudly, if he would have hit those numbers had Tua stayed healthy all season long?

This year, Hill is expecting it because he believes that 2,000 yards is where he will land this year and he thinks the Dolphins are taking the Super Bowl as well.

That is a big prediction by Hill but Dolphins fans should think nothing less of their top wide receiver who became an instant fan-favorite the moment he arrived in Miami.

Hill finished 2022 with 119 receptions for 1,710 and 7 touchdowns.

Down the stretch last season, Hill finished with 81, 69, 103, 55, and 23 yards receiving, knocking him out of any chance to hit the 2K mark. Tua did not play in the final two weeks of the season.

Is Tyreek Hill talking too much? That is part of who he is and part of his game so the answer is no. He has been thrilled to be in Miami since his arrival so Dolphins fans can expect more of the same throughout the season and more than likely ahead of 2024 as well.

The good news is whether or not he goes for 2,000, his comments are a reminder that football season and training camp is about to start. For rookies, that comes this week!