Tyreek Hill: The LA Chargers simply couldn't catch "The Cheetah"

Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

We have heat waves, hurricane season and horrible news on every station but The Dolphins showed up in their week one shootout with the Chargers. Tua balled out and threw the ball for 466 yards. The only time he has aired it out for more in a single game was last year against Baltimore in week two, and that was only for three more yards. He completed just over 62% of his throws and averaging 10.4 yards per completion. That’s not a bad way to knock off some rust and all those throws had to go somewhere. 

The Charger’s secondary, quite simply, were no match for the speed of Tyreek Hill. Let’s be honest here though, not many people can keep up with someone who was clocked at 21.6 mph during his 47-yard reception, according to NFL stats, during yesterday’s game. Looking over multiple stats from different plays, that speed is consistent through the entire game. He is like a candle that doesn’t burn out and with Tua’s accuracy, Tyreek sees no need to slow down.

Looking ahead to week two, the Dolphins have an AFC East battle against the Patriots. Belichick is a great defensive-minded coach and they lost against the Eagles, so they are hungry for a win at home but I do not think they have anyone that will be able to shut down the Cheetah. If they plan to flood Tyreek then Tua still has The Penguin, waddling at the speed of light, on the other side of the field. A successful showing in week two, for the Phins, is highly attainable and not far-fetched if they minimize mistakes and maximize their opportunities. Let’s get it, go Phins!