Tyreek Hill would have been on a corner or a member of the Army if not for football

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The Miami Dolphins star wide receivers life could have been so much different had it not been for a call from West Alabama.

If not for college, Tyreek Hill could have been standing on a corner peddling dope or he could have been carrying a weapon as a United States Army soldier. For everything that Hill has in his life, he thanks God because according to him, his life would have been much different.

There are some players that can't find a way to leave their previous lives behind them. For those who have been following along with Apple TV's "The Dynasty" we are reminded of Aaron Hernandez's inability to do so. He is only a single person who played in the NFL and was affected by the world he grew up in.

For Hill, he recognizes that his past would have potentially been a problem. He wasn't destined for a desk job or a factory. His life would have been in the military and if not, in his own words, a pot-smoking dope seller.

Football, like all sports, offers an out for many youths some are luckier than others and while the NFL may provide an opportunity, not every athlete knows how to adapt and change. Some might argue that the legal problems Tyreek Hill consistently finds himself in are problematic but it sounds like it could have been a lot different, perhaps worse.

Hill didn't come off as egotistical during the interview but humbled instead. Sure, it's what he should have said, claiming that God gave him a gift and put him in a position to take advantage of it but Hill still had to make the decisions in his life and he still has to be accountable for the ones he continues to make.

There is a story for Hill to tell and the timing comes perfectly as an entire new generation of NFL prospects is about to join the league at the end of April. These are the stories that need to be told and players like Hill need to share them with anyone willing to listen.