Up for debate: Is Chris Grier holding back Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel's offense?

The Miami Dolphins are once again back in the news and now we have to start wondering if Chris Grier is part of the Dolphins problems on offense, or at least a little bit.

Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) talks with head
Aug 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Miami Dolphins quarterback Skylar Thompson (19) talks with head / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not blaming Chris Grier for any problems on the offensive side of the ball but I do have a question. Is his lack of interest in running backs holding Mike McDaniel's offense back?

McDaniel reportedly has a say in his roster and when he wants someone, he goes to Chris Grier and says, "hey can we get this guy" or something like that. Maybe.

When McDaniel arrived on scene as the Dolphins head coach, many expected the Dolphins running game to be a focus. McDaniel was, after all, the run game coordinator with the 49ers and he himself has said that it something he holds quite dear inside. In other words, McDaniel loves a good running game. But he doesn't have that in Miami.

The question is why and this is where Chris Grier comes in. Maybe McDaniel is being forceful enough.

Having Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson on the team last year made a lot of sense. The Dolphins new HC needed some familiar faces that would help get other players up to speed on the offense. McDaniel had two guys he could trust immediately. This is, however, year two of McDaniel's time with the Dolphins and his run game was a little less than what was expected.

In the last four months, the Dolphins have been linked to Saquon Barkely, Josh Jacobs, Dalvon Cook, De'Andre Swift, and not Jonathan Taylor. Yes, the veteran stable of runningbacks that could have been had in a trade are expensive but they are also elite or close to it. They are game changing backs and while Mostert and Wilson are good, they are not elite.

With all the flirtation at the position, you have to wonder if Grier is simply doing what GMs do and simply making a call, throwing out an offer and moving on if it is not taken. Or you can wonder if the consistent attention to the position is something that maybe McDaniel wants but Grier doesn't.

I'm not assuming anything here. I have no idea what the thought process is and very few in the mainstream media have a clue either. The simple fact that Miami continues to pursue or even look into adding a RB should tell us that despite saying things to the contrary, they are not completely happy with their room. Or maybe McDaniel isn't.

Mostert and Wilson are a great combination of runners to pair with a featured back yet in Miami they are intended to be the feature.

I'm trying to wrap my little brain around this infatuation for RBs without actually landing a RB. Trying to trade for Swift and Barkley and then having the chance to add Cook as a free agent and instead allowing him to go to a division rival is odd.

On the surface, there seems to be a want, even a need for a runner who will elevate McDaniel's offense but so far, the team is playing a softer "take it or leave it" kind of interaction to find a potential fit. Even in the draft, Grier puts the position at a much lower priority and I have to wonder if McDaniel sees it the same way or wishes there was more of an attention to it.

Regardless, this all is a matter of debate and that is why I put it up. Feel free to add your comments on our Facebook page I would love to read your opinions on the matter. Is Grier holding back McDaniel's offense by not giving him a top quality running back?