Vic Fangio believes Christian Wilkins situation will get resolved, question of course is when

The Miami Dolphins are still watching Christian Wilkins sit out certain practice sessions over his contract but Vic Fangio sees it getting resolved.

New Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

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New Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. Img 9609 / HAL HABIB / The Palm Beach Post / USA

Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio spoke to the media and gave some insight on the Christian Wilkins situation. While he said that Wilkins is not participating in 11 v 11 drills he did say that Wilkins is participating in other drills and sessions.

Fangio also gave some personal insight into the in-house holdout saying that Wilkins' situation is an "administrative deal that I think we'll get resolved".

This isn't some sort of Earth shattering news but the fact that Fangio, who has been very blunt and to the point in his media sessions, is making any statement at all is important to note.

Fangio loves what he has seen so far in Wilkins and there is no question that he wants him on the field. Fangio called him one of the best players in the NFL and one of the top players at his position. He said previous that Wilkins does everything that is asked.

Miami has been dragging their feet all off-season and it is unclear if Chris Grier feels the same way or at least to what extent he may view Wilkins' future with the team. The coaching staff and Grier have publicly said they want Wilkins back but so far, nothing.

It isn't like Wilkins is setting the market unless he is asking for far more than the other DTs who received new contracts this off-season. Four DT deals were done and Wilkins' production and statistics fit in the middle of those four.

Wilkins should get a four year deal in the range of $65 to $75 million with around $55 million guaranteed. The hang up could surround the number of years on the deal or language in the contract but it is still unclear if any offers have been made formally.