Watch Dolphins TE Jonnu Smith absolutely torch the city of Buffalo as a whole

The first-year Dolphin didn't hold back here.
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New Miami Dolphins tight end Jonnu Smith hasn't even played a down for Mike McDaniel, but goodness, he's jumping head first into the rivalry with the Buffalo Bills. Straight up, Smith is not a fan AT ALL of the city, making his feelings known in hilarious fashion.

While speaking with the guys over at The Dive Bar Podcast, Smith didn't hold back in taking multiple shots at Buffalo. The weather? Forget about it. The wings? Don't talk to Smith about how overrated they are. The list goes on!

Bills fans are going to be livid after they see Jonnu Smith torching Buffalo

"That's why they - the fans be hating so much because they want to be down here. Have you ever been to Buffalo? Oh my gosh, man. Listen Buffalo is - I don't know how them dudes do it. I don't know how they did it. Going from anywhere in the world, anywhere in the country and going to Buffalo, it's got to be the worst place you can be. And the Buffalo wings ain't even good. Yeah, they ain't even good. "

-ย Jonnu Smith

It's safe to say that even if the Bills front office would have called Smith to try and sign him in free agency, he would have politely told them to take a hike. The veteran tight end will take the sunshine and beaches in Miami over the snow in Buffalo any day of the week.

Bills Mafia is probably going to watch this clip soon and start drawing up plans to put Smith through a table. Instead, we're hoping he'll have them even more upset during the two showdowns with the Dolphins this campaign. Smith has been fired up about this team's potential and rightfully so.

With the great moves from Chris Grier this offseason, the pieces are being put in place for Miami to push for an AFC East title. The Bills are obviously hoping to prevent that and Smith just gave them even more motivation to repeat as the champs. However, something tells us Smith and Co. will be the ones to get the last laugh once January gets here.