Week 12 is far from over for Miami Dolphins fans

Mark Brown/GettyImages

In the first-ever Black Friday Game, the Miami Dolphins made quick work of the New York Jets, 34-16. Miami can now take the rest of the week to heal up before getting ready for the Washington Commanders. For football fans, Week 12 is far from over. With 12 games remaining this week, there will be plenty of football to watch.

For Dolphins fans, Week 12 will ask them to become fans of some other teams in action on Sunday.  With Friday’s victory, the Dolphins find themselves in second place in the AFC. Miami is in complete control of their playoff outcome.  With a little bit of help, the Dolphins can inch one step closer to that elusive first round-bye.

The Ravens, Browns, Chiefs, and Jaguars are the other teams in the AFC with only 3 losses. A loss by each of these teams would go a long way toward Miami securing first place in the conference. In the one o’clock games, the Jaguars play the Texans in Houston. Fins fans should be looking to cheer for a Texans victory today. At four o’clock Cleveland travels to Denver to play a resurgent Broncos team looking to stay in the playoff mix. With Cleveland at 7-3, Miami fans need a Denver victory.

In Week 11 Miami fans found themselves rooting against the Las Vegas Raiders. In Week 12 Dolphin fans need to break out their best silver and black outfits. Miami fans should root for a Raiders victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Ravens travel to Los Angeles for Sunday Night Football to play a reeling Chargers team. A Chargers victory would make for an incredible upset and would also place Miami solely at the top of the conference.

The Bills, Broncos, Bengals, and Colts all find themselves knocking on the playoff door with only 5 losses. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only other team in the conference with 4 losses (The Texans are 6-4 as well) and they have a 1 pm tilt versus Cincinnati. A Pittsburgh win would further hurt Cincinnati’s chances of a playoff berth, but a Steelers loss would further jumble the playoff picture. Tampa Bay travels to Indianapolis at one o’clock and an Indy loss to the Bucs would help the Dolphins create more distance from the teams behind them.

The Miami Dolphins might not be on the schedule for Sunday’s slate of games but football is far from over for Dolphins fans. The AFC playoff picture will continue to change and evolve. After Sunday’s games, Miami and its fans will have a better picture of where they stand.