What can you expect from a Miami Dolphins home game experience? Here is what I found

The last time I attended a game at Hard Rock Stadium it wasn’t even Hard Rock Stadium. In 1997 I attended a rain-soaked, opening day victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Dan Marino vs. Jim Harbaugh. This was back when the season actually started at the end of August.
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
New York Giants v Miami Dolphins / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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The Miami Dolphins capped a fantastic weekend with a win over the Giants.

Sunday - The Game: As an out of towner I was definitely looking forward to interacting with some of the folks that I do on Twitter. Mission one was to find a tailgate to join up with to pregame. East 12 - Row 209 is your spot!

There are multiple tailgates that you can join in with and all are very welcoming. I want to take this opportunity to give a tremendous thank you to Ian “Big E” Berger (@ian693 on Twitter). Many of you know him as the Miami Dolphins 2022 Fan of the Year. I’ve interacted with Big E over the past couple of years on Twitter and even had the chance to meet him at the MetLife TakeOver last year.

I reached out to Big E and he immediately gave me options on different tailgates as well as where he and many other Dolphin's Twitter personalities hang out. My wife and I got to talk to Big E for quite a while and everything you hear about him is true. He’s probably one of the five nicest guys walking the planet. 

I wish I knew his social media handles because I would love to give a thank you to Alex who let us stand under his canopy to get out of the sun while we were tailgating. We weren't the only ones taking shelter there. 

We met and got to talk to a couple of great guys from the UK (@robhops) and their friends and family. They were in town for both the Giants and Panthers games. The Dolphins family reaches far and wide and it is 

We also got to meet and talk with #Finsassin, Bob#F1NNZ (@jimbo_roberto). It was awesome to chat with him and hear the origin story of his #Finsassin persona. He goes to every game, not just home but away as well. Great guy, truly enjoyed talking with him. Like I said, everyone was extremely nice and very welcoming. 

It was way too long between trips for me, I’m already missing the atmosphere and vibe of being in Miami. I will definitely be back!