What changes at RB will the Miami Dolphins have when Ahmed and Wilson return?

The Miami Dolphins running back unit is on fire and there is no way to say it any other way, maybe there is. Amazing? Fantastic? Lights-out? What about just, dominant? And two of their contributors are not playing.

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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There was an old saying that typically doesn't resonate in today's NFL. You don't lose your job due to injury but what was the job of Jeff Wilson and Salvon Ahmed?

Wilson and Ahmed are both close to coming back and when they do, it is likely that Chris Brooks goes back to bein inactive on Sundays. It's only fair. Brooks is an undrafted rookie and both Wilson and Ahmed are veterans.

This won't be an easy decision because in cleanup on Sunday, Brooks ran very well and with physicality and conviction. Benching him leaves a space on the roster for certain but even if he gets a few carries late in the game, it helps his development.

Brooks is the easy choice to sit but what about De'Von Achain? There is no doubt that he is ready for the NFL and on Sunday he showed what he can do. You don't sit that kind of talent. Nor do you sit starter Raheem Mostert.

This is where Wilson slides in. He can't take touches away from either of the other two and while he may lend his ability to the passing game, both Achain and Mostert showed how well they compete in that part of the offense.

Wilson, I think, will see touches but I see him in a far deeper role where the Dolphins won't simply use him until they need to. I see Wilson becoming a situational player or, an insurance policy should one of the other two get banged up.

As for Ahmed, clearly he will be the odd man out and his injury came at the worst time as he was gaining his momentum and showcasing his ability to the coaches. It is likely that both Ahmed and Brooks find themselves inactive on Sundays and then that happens, no one should be surprised.

While it is a good problem to have for the Dolphins coaching staff, it still will create decisions that will not be easy to make. Regardless, it's a great position to be in given the off-season pursuits of other running backs that clearly are no longer needed.