What Connor William's injury means for his future with the Miami Dolphins

The future of Connor Williams with the Miami Dolphins took a massive hit on Monday night and it isn't going to end well for the team's top center.
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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Connor Williams wanted an extension this past off-season and he stayed away from voluntary workouts in an attempt to get the Miami Dolphins to give him one. Now, we know why it was important.

With the injury suffered last night by Williams, the Miami Dolphins will be forced to move on from the center when the league new year rolls around in March. They have no choice. At best, Williams will be ready by mid-season, 2024, at worst, he won't be available at all.

The Miami Dolphins can't afford to go into next season without a center and they will not give Williams an extension or a new contract. Williams will be a free agent come March and there is no security in his future after this injury.

Honestly, this is the worst news that Connor Williams could get. He will play again if he wants, but his career options will be relegated to short-term deals and way below the threshold that his play this year has warranted.

Connor Williams may return to the Miami Dolphins, sometime during the season next year but that is not something that is likely. If anything, Williams will get healthy and join someone else. He won't say it publicly but human nature is to be at least a little bitter.

Williams was doing everything right this year and now, he won't be rewarded for those efforts.

For the Dolphins, replacing Williams will be next to impossible. They have no cap space and the best they have on the roster is Liam Eichenberg who just makes Miami Dolphins fans wish that Williams could be back. He has been that bad and inconsistent. They say, "Next man up" but in this case, that isn't a great option.

What comes next for Williams is rehabilitation. For the Dolphins, it's finding a solution as they head into the thick of the playoff chase. It is a devastating injury for both the player and the team. Miami was already reeling following the loss of Jaelan Phillips two weeks ago and Jerome Baker last week.

The NFL is a brutal business but at some point, the NFLPA has to stand up and work toward getting players security in case of injuries that can destroy a career.

For Williams, he still has youth on his side. Williams has been in the league for 6 seasons and should be able to recover fully from his injury. It appears now that his career may just continue somewhere else.