What Dolphins GM Chris Grier should have done in the 2024 NFL Draft

Did Chris Grier and Co. make some mistakes in the 2024 NFL Draft?
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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Now that the dust has settled on the 2024 NFL Draft, it's safe to say that Miami Dolphins fans' reactions have been mixed. There are some who only want to be homers and praise every decision the team makes, while there are curmudgeons that only want to be angry with the team no matter what they do.

While general manager Chris Grier made some impressive decisions, there were also some questionable calls. In this piece, we're doing a re-draft with our picks if we were in Grier's chair to make the big calls:

Dolphins first-round pick: Penn State EDGE Chop Robinson

A brutal run on prospects Miami was sure to be interested in ran from picks No. 15-20. All of those players would have made Miami much better in 2024, so seeing them all systematically off the board was painful. However, there was one player who made it to No. 21 that I was so excited about. Graham Barton fell to Miami, but the Dolphins went with EDGE Chop Robinson instead.

Barton was an elite prospect for the center or guard position and, despite short arms, could play tackle in a pinch. It was a perfect fit. His athleticism would have thrived in this offense. Robinson has a ton of potential, but Barton was the home run at No. 21. This could be a pick that Grier ends up regretting, especially if Barton turns out to be a stud.

My pick: Duke OL Graham Barton