What is it about Chris Grier that keeps him calling the shots for the Dolphins?

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross (left) talks with general manager Chris Grier before a game in
Dolphins owner Stephen Ross (left) talks with general manager Chris Grier before a game in / JIM RASSOL / USA TODAY NETWORK

Chris Grier is about to take on yet another Miami Dolphins draft. His 9th since becoming the general manager.

It can be argued that Grier's first season with Miami was more Mike Tannenbaum than himself but in the years since he has taken over from former GM Dennis Hickey, many wonder how he has survived this long.

This is not a bash Chris Grier article. It is a question. How has he lasted this long?

Very few NFL teams stick with their GMs for this long. Grier is the 9th longest tenured GM in the NFL as of 2023. That includes Mike Brown and Jerry Jones. Bill Belichick leaving New England bumped Grier up to 9th this year.

Looking at the non-owner guys in charge, Mickey Loomis has been in charge in New Orleans since 2002. John Schneider in Seattle, since 2010. Of the non-owners in front of Grier, five of six have won at least one Super Bowl.

Then there is Grier. Grier hasn't won a Super Bowl. Hasn't won a playoff game and hasn't won the division. Grier is also on his 3rd head coaching hire but was also part of the hiring process that brought Joe Philbin to Miami.

Grier's GM resume may only date back to 2016, but he has been with the Dolphins since 2000.

If we dismiss two of his head coaches, Adam Gase and Brian Flores, we can't overlook the draft picks. Grier has been hit or miss and while on paper, his drafts have produced some outstanding talent, he has also completely blown other selections. Noah Igbinoghene for example.

Grier gets a lot of credit for the salary cap situation but that also belongs to Brandon Shore who is the team's capologist. The biggest problem fans are noticing is that Grier doesn't seem to have a grasp on his team's needs and how the next season may help or hinder those needs.

Chris Grier is the only NFL person that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross can rely upon.

This year, we see that Grier's desire to not waiver off his stance with Christian Wilkins last season, hurt his roster this season. Wilkins benefited, but Grier did not. Now, Grier is trying to play "money-ball" with his roster. More one-year contracts with the hopes that they can play over the low salary they are being paid.

Right now it sounds great but the Dolphins entered this offseason with more than 50 vacancies on the roster. Next year could be a similar situation. The Dolphins can't become great if the turnover continues to be this way. There is no continuity.

Grier has a real cap problem and while the cap may not be "real" it is affecting the way Miami is operating. How? They are restructuring contracts that will eventually create problems. They are putting extra years on deals that they shouldn't be. Terron Armstead is a prime example of moving money down the road.

All of this isn't helping the Dolphins get players under contract longer term. Jaelan Phillips. Jevon Holland, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jaylen Waddle all come to mind. Instead, we see Zach Sieler get a decent deal and Austin Jackson gets extended after one half-season of solid play.

Is Grier over his head? Maybe. It's hard to say but the product on the field has yet to yield an advancing playoff team.

I'm not one that will pound my fist and say Grier should be fired but I do think he should be on the hotseat. This year should be a microscope. Stephen Ross wants to win before he is unable to own the franchise and he seems content to let Grier do what he wants.

The biggest issue is nothing has changed. Miami is a playoff team but that isn't enough. There is something missing with this franchise, something that has been around for a long time and Chris Grier has been here for a long time. Yet, nothing has changed.

Grier has seen it all. From being a regional scout to an assistant to becoming a director of scouting to being the GM. He should have great insight into what works and what doesn't. So far, the verdict remains out.

Miami's off-season this year wasn't some big series of moves designed to take the team over the top. No, there were too many limitations that Grier had to deal with but this is important to note. The issues Miami had this offseason with salary, personnel, cap, roster, and free agents, are all due to Chris Grier. There is no one else to point a finger at.

It's not about being able to retain top talent. That is something every GM has to make a decision on, teams lose top players every year. Miami lost two this offseason. They could lose more next year.

Griers' future in Miami seems to be secure as long as Stephen Ross is in charge. Personally, I don't think Ross wants to go through the entire process again. His attempt to find a GM and landing on Dennis Hickey was horrible.

Ross' biggest problem is that he doesn't have help around him. Tom Garfinkel is great at his job, one of the best in the NFL, maybe all of sports, but he isn't a football guy. That doesn't help Ross during the interview process. Dan Marino and Nat Moore are also fantastic at their jobs but they too are not those types of eyes and ears for an owner.

Ross' most trusted "NFL" advisor is Chris Grier. And when you think of it in those terms, it makes sense as to why he is entering his 9th season without any concerns over his future.