What Miami Dolphins drafting Devon Achane means for the running back unit

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Devon Achane is fast. He has speed like Raheem Mostert, Jaylen Waddle, but not quite Tyreek Hill. Achane is also now a Miami Dolphins runner but what does that mean for the RB unit?

Miami will not enter the 2023 season with Mostert, Jeff Wilson, Salvon Ahmed, Myles Gaskin, and two fullbacks. They may not enter the season with three running backs and a FB.

The drafting of Achane means that Myles Gaskin is likely gone for sure. Gaskin spent much of the season on the inactive list last year and while Ahmed was active far more and played, we can't be certain that he has a roster spot locked up either.

Drafting Achane should put an end to the trade speculation but that too can't be 100% ruled out and if that happens, the Dolphins running back is going to get a big makeover.

The third round is high for Chris Grier who has only drafted one running back in round three since taking over as GM. That was Kenyan Drake and he never made it to a second contract.

So who is out on the Dolphins roster? We have to assume that the initial release will be Gaskin and if the Dolphins want to do him justice, they will release him in the coming days and he should ask for a release if they do not.

There is still time for teams to add Gaskin and he could find a team that misses out on a RB in the draft but if Miami holds on to him through the off-season workouts they will keep him from having a chance at making another roster.