What Miami Dolphins Sanders restructure likely means before the trade deadline

The Miami Dolphins made some ripples on Wednesday when they announced they had restructured the contract of Jason Sanders. That has fans wondering why.
Sep 17, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) kicks a
Sep 17, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) kicks a / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Sanders hasn't had to do too much so far this year but the Miami Dolphins saw an opportunity to create a little cap space by reworking his contract.

Sanders has two years left on the extension he signed two years ago. He hasn't exactly lived up to the contract as he remains inconsistent, especially outside of the 50. Now, he has given the Dolphins some cap breathing room.

The restructure will save the Dolphins about $1.3 million bringing their cap room to just over $3 million. Sanders will now count about $2.4 mill in cap space. The shift will push more money to Sanders over the next two years when he will count $4.5 and then $4.7 million in 2024 and 2025.

Over those two seasons, the Dolphins can recover $2.3 and $3.3 million by releasing him.

The move has many fans wondering what the Dolphins are planning. Trying to connect the dots, it has allowed the "if you could see the text I just got" you would be shocked group to have something new to spout off on social media about without actually giving any real information at all.

Is this move a prelude to something big? If we believe those who want you to follow along with their every word and then add in the NFL trade deadline in two weeks, sure, we can believe that Miami is planning something. If they are, it is likely minor.

More likely? Yes, there are more likely scenarios and I'm not saying that the Dolphins won't make a move by the deadline but the most likely scenario is that the Dolphins will need to bring players to the active roster and that will cost money.

For example, the Dolphins have been able to bump players from the practice squad but they can only do that three times in a season and then they need to either keep them on the PS or sign them to the 53. Signing them to the 53 adds money to the cap.

That is a realistic theory that makes sense as teams head into the 6th week of the season.

Yes, it is possible that all these social media guys and gals have "sources" that just feed them information constantly despite not being named Ian Rappoport, and if something does happen, then they can pat themselves on the back and if nothing does, they didn't put anything out that really matters.

In the overall picture and scheme of things, there are no sound rumors right now but a lot of speculation and that speculation could lead to a move. How big or how small? That is up to Chris Grier but if they are looking to make a big move, restructuring Jason Sanders would only be a small start as it hardly made a big dent in Miami's available cap space.