What's the problem with Dalvin Cook? Dolphins Chris Grier is committing to nothing but should he up his offer?

The Miami Dolphins have a RB issue but in reality they don't have a RB issue but regardless, Dalvin Cook is an issue...unless he isn't. Does that make any sense? Nor does it it me either.
Miami Dolphins Introduce Mike McDaniel
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Chris Grier made a rare appearance and answered some questions earlier this week. The takeaway about Dalvin Cook is simple. Dalvin Cook is a great football player. Grier isn't sure what is going to happen. Chris Grier is happy with is RB unit. "Right now."

The "right now" comment has a few wondering what exactly he meant. Is anticipating a change that might make them feel differently as camp progresses? Is that a message that Cook is on the table still but if they don't add, oh well shucks, that's fine too?

The thing is this, Chris Grier is either a liar, playing a game, or never had interest in Cook at all.

That game being played.

If Grier is playing a game it's not a good one. The truth is if Grier wants Cook then why stand pat on a contract offer and not budge? Risking Cook moving on, perhaps to a division rival, is not smart. It's egotistical.

The no interest in Cook angle.

We should assume that Grier has no interest in Cook. If we are being honest, we don't honestly know if a contract was offered at all and both Grier and McDaniel have been pretty coy about the whole thing when asked. Grier could come out and say "we never offered him a contract" but he hasn't. Should that be taken with a grain of salt?

Grier typically doesn't talk about players that are not on his team and he doesn't talk about contract offers or anything else. So there is a chance that Miami has made no offer to Cook at all and has no real interest in adding him.

The Chris Grier is a liar angle

We can't really say that Grier is lying because Grier hasn't said anything specific. He hasn't denied interest and he hasn't confirmed it. What we think we know based on the reports of others is that Miami may say they are satisfied with their RB unit but that may not exactly be true.

Miami added De'Von Achane in the 3rd round of April's draft. But then tried to make a trade for another RB, DeAndre Swift. There has also been a recent report that he tried to trade for Saquon Barkley. Of course, this entire time Dalvin Cook has been on the tongue of every media member.

So if Grier did in fact chase after RBs then he isn't truly satisfied with his own RB unit and that means he is doing nothing more right now than playing hardball with Cook and that isn't a great way to get a player onto your team.

If Grier is worried about what a change in contract offer may look like should he up his offer to Cook, he shouldn't. Although he was bullied into giving in to Xavien Howard and reworking his contract after the whole Byron Jones debacle.