What you can expect from Jalen Ramsey and his return to practice with the Miami Dolphins

Jalen Ramsey has maintained that he was going to beat the estimates for his December return and now, his 21 day window is open and he is back at practice. What does that mean?
Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins fans have no clue what Jalen Ramsey will bring to the team when he finally returns. His injury happened so early in camp that fans missed out on the open practices that may have featured him. They are getting closer to knowing.

Ramsey has officially made his way off the IR and is back at practice with the team today. It's a big step in the right direction but that doesn't mean you will see him on the field soon.

The news of Ramsey's return has everyone talking and it should. He shouldn't have been back until December but we are in mid-October and there he is. So what can you expect?

For starters, Ramsey isn't going to be playing on Sunday no matter how much the Dolphins need him against the Eagles.

He will not be lining up in 11 on 11 or any other CB/WR drills. Not this week. Ramsey is going to run. He is going to jog. He is going to stretch, and he may do a couple of walk-through scenarios. You will likely read about him being on the sideline bike working out his knee.

The Dolphins' window is 21 days. Any player who is on IR and is designated to return faces a 21-day activation window which allows the team to fully evaluate the player's health before needing to put him on the roster. While the player can practice, he can't play.

For Ramsey, the real test will come about two weeks from now if everything else goes well in his practice sessions. No swelling or soreness and Ramsey will resume more full practices. Likely after the Dolphins and Patriots game.

That would seemingly put him on pace to play against the Chiefs in Germany but even that is a tad too soon in reality. More likely, the Dolphins will wait for Ramsey to get fully acclimated to playing shape and that would put his return against the Raiders after the Dolphins bye week.

So when should we realistically see Ramsey? Again, the Raiders game makes the most sense and he should be activated to the 53 following the Chiefs game. Miami will not play again until the 19th of November, one month from now. That is a pretty good recovery time for Ramsey and gets him into position to hit the final stretch of the season.

Miami will get a boost with Ramsey's return but around the same time, the Raiders game, Miami could and should also have Nik Needham, De'Von Achane, Jeff Wilson, and Terron Armstead. They would give Miami a huge boost in the final push to the postseason.