Which team, the Dolphins or the Bills, are under more pressure to win today? Final week 4 game predictions

The Dolphins will travel for the 3rd time in this young NFL season and will face the Bills as you already know. Miami is a team that can beat the Bills but the question is, will they?

Bills tight end Quintin Morris makes a catch agains the Dolphins.
Bills tight end Quintin Morris makes a catch agains the Dolphins. / JAMIE GERMANO / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tyreek Hill tweeted this morning, "Let's be fast". The Dolphins are counting down the hours before they take on the Bills. Who is under more pressure to win this game? Miami? or Buffalo?

A win by the Dolphins and the Bills will drop two games behind Miami in the AFC East and it may be difficult to climb back into first at the rate Miami is playing. The teams will meet in the final week of the season which could decide the division but this game could go a long way to giving an early edge.

The Bills may have more pressure on them to win today. They are at home, lost to the Jets in week one, and have had to endure all the pre-game leadup talk about how incredible the Dolphins offense is. No one has been really talking about the Bills, not to the degree they have been before the season started.

As we have heard, the Bills, Bengals, and Chiefs were the heavy preseason favorites to win the AFC but now, many believe that it is the Dolphins to lose.

Miami wants this win. Badly. The Bills want this win. Badly. Today, both teams come together in a smash-mouth backyard fight.

We have outlined all week the ways the Dolphins can beat the Bills and vice versa but now, the game is here. Miami has to be disciplined and the Bills as well if they want to win.

Looking at today's game, the Dolphins are more likely to make the Bills frustrated enough that they let emotions take over and if that happens, the Bills will make mistakes from costly penalties to turnovers.

The Dolphins offense has to play elite. Not 70-point elite but they will need to score more than 30 points to beat the Bills today who will likely come out offensively pushing the Dolphins' defense around.

I expect the first half of the game to belong to Buffalo's offense and the Dolphins' offense keeping pace to keep it close. In the 2nd half, I think the Dolphins get it figured out and play much better.

Right now, the Bills have the better defense and I don't think it is as close as Dolphins fans want to think (I really hope I have to eat these words later today). They are more rounded and play far more physical at the point of attack.

Miami has the better offense but I don't see the margin in this game being too wide. The reason? Miami has to play the Bills defense while the Bills, a good offensive unit, goes against the weaker defense. This is why this game is going to be so close.

If the Dolphins' defense steps up and plays at a different level, the Bills will struggle and Miami will win. If this game stays close and Miami's defense struggles to keep the Bills from moving the ball and in turn eating the clock, the Bills will win.

Final prediction: Buffalo 35 - Miami 33. I see the Bills making a final minute field goal to win the game.

O.k., I can't leave this offense out to dry - Miami 36 - Buffalo 35 (Jason Sanders makes a 50 yard FG as time expires)