Which two Miami players have the biggest "bromance"? That was a question asked to several players

The Miami Dolphins wanted to know which two members of their team have the biggest "bromance" so they went to the ones who would know. Their own players.
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins
Carolina Panthers v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Have you ever given any thought to which two players on the Miami Dolphins roster are pretty much inseparable? The Miami Dolphins themselves apparently thought that would be a good question to answer so they went to the team and they asked them.

There is an old saying that goes something like, "When you are winning, everything is fun" and for the Dolphins, winning has definitely changed how the team is feeling about themselves. There is no question that Miami players are having a great time so far this season while still keeping their eyes squarely on the goal.

The question asked today was which two players have the biggest "bromance"?

The Dolphins players that answered the question had their own opinions and they ranged from Bradley Chubb and Jaelan Phillips to Mike White and Braxton Berrios but the number one consensus was clearly Zach Sieler and Christian Wilkins.

The dynamic defensive duo have clearly bonded and their play on the field shows that. They know how each other plays and they feed off the other's energy. The fact they are so close off the field is possibly more important than it is on the field because that friendship is what develops the rapport on the field.

It's a fun watch and getting a glimpse of what it might be like inside a locker room that is clearly enjoying the atmosphere in Miami is great to see.

Curiously, who do you think might have that "bromance" on the roster? Personally, I can't see anyone better than Wilkins and Sieler but you may have a different opinion. Tell us on our Facebook page!