Who has the record of most rushing yards in one game for the Miami Dolphins?

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When you think about who runs the most yards for the Miami Dolphins, names like Jay Ajayi or Lamar Miller appear in your head as possible candidates, but even though they are really fast guys, the record is held by Ricky Williams.

The record is set at 228 rush yards, and he manage to get that number on the 12 of January in the year 2002 in a game against the Buffalo Bills. That same game ended up with a score of 28-21 in favor of the Buffalos.

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He played 11 seasons in the NFL and he was part of the New Orleans Saints between 1999 and 2001, after being in New Orleans, he joined the Miami Dolphins from 2002 until the year 2010. Finally, he put an end to his career in the year 2011 in Baltimore Ravens. During his entire career, he gained 2.431 for 10.009 yards, and 342 catches for 2.606 yards with a total of 74 touchdowns. Also, he has the opportunity to be selected to play in 1 Pro Bowl

But who is behind Ricky Williams for the record?

In the second place, the same Ricky Williams appears again with 216 rush yards gained in the same year as his record, in 2002 against the Chicago Bears, where the Dolphins lead the score 27-9. And completing the podium is Jay Ajayi with 214 rush yards in 2016 in a game against Buffalo Bills where the Dolphins won 28-25.

Did you know about this record? And the player who had it?