Who should the Miami Dolphins select in this years 2024 NFL Draft

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Austin Jackson seems to have the right tackle position all figured out for the Miami Dolphins. Miami is looking for prospects at the guard position. With their only pick in the 5th round, I think the Dolphins should select Sataoa Laumea out of Utah.

Robert Hunt seems to be on his way out because he will be looking for a salary in the 10-12 million dollar per year range. With so many glaring needs and a horrible cap situation, Hunt looks to be a salary cap casualty. This will give way for the Dolphins to draft Sataoa Laumea in the 5th round. 

Yes, Sataoa Laumea is a right tackle and has started 44 consecutive games for the Utes. However, Laumea’s first 18 starts were at right guard. At 6-foot 4-inches tall Laumea is on the border of what NFL teams like for height when it comes to the tackle position. Laumea weighs in at 311 pounds. 

Matthew Jones from Fantasy Pros states that Laumea has the bulk and power to be a solid right guard in the NFL. Although Laumea does have the athleticism to be a right tackle, a move to the inside could mask some of his deficiencies. 

Assuming Armstead comes back for one more season, the Dolphins could be looking at an offensive line that features Armstead, Laumea, Connor Williams, Powers Johnson, and Austin Jackson.