Who should the Miami Dolphins select in this years 2024 NFL Draft

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Tommy DeVito, Alex Palczewski, A.T. Perry, Michael Marchese, Isaiah Adams
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Staying with my offensive line rebuild for the Miami Dolphins, with their first pick in the 6th round, the Dolphins should select Isaiah Adams from Illinois. Some draft projections have him as early as the 3rd round and others have him as late as the 5th or 6th round.

I understand this might be a bit of a stretch if Adams drops here but there are so many offensive linemen in this draft, anything is possible. Adams is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 315 pounds. Like Sataoa Laumea, Adams has spent time at both guard spots before making a permanent home at right tackle.

Isaiah Adams might be better suited at the guard position as he allowed 4 sacks in 2022 when he played guard but 9 sacks on the year as a right tackle. Fantasy Pros has Adams playing with a physical temperament and that’s exactly what this finesse Dolphins team needs.

The Miami Dolphins had problems versus stunts this past season and it seems to be something that Adams is quick to diagnose and attack. Bleacher Report states that he sorts outline games and stunts quickly. Bleacher Report also stated that Adams also anchored quickly and did well against the bull rush. 

His struggles as a right tackle during pass protection have been well-documented. Transitioning this 315-pound frame to a guard position could mask his lack of athleticism at the tackle position. Selecting a third offensive lineman in this draft would be a win for the Miami Dolphins. Selecting the right ones could set them up for years to come.