Who should the Miami Dolphins select in this years 2024 NFL Draft

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Jordan Jefferson, Whit Weeks, Nathaniel Peat
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Miami's last pick comes in the seventh round. Usually, th best player available applies at this point in the draft. Thankfully, the 2024 NFL draft has plenty of depth, allowing Miami to address a need while also selecting the best player available.

After several mock drafts and research, the defensive tackle from LSU, Jordan Jefferson will be available to the Dolphins when they select in the seventh round. With the status of Christian Wilkins, Andrew Van Ginkle, Bradley Chubb, Emmanuel Ogbah, and more in question Miami should definitely address the defensive line with their 7th-round pick.

Jordan Jefferson is a fifth-year senior who transferred to LSU after 4 years at West Virginia. Jefferson's stat sheet doesn't jump out at anyone. His best statistical season was at LSU when he posted 36 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and 7 tackles for loss.

Jordan Jefferson enters the draft measuring 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 317 pounds. Jefferson is a great run-stopper but has difficulty generating a pass-rush when double-teamed. Ironically though, Jefferson does well against the run when double-teamed. Jefferson was a wrestler in high school which helped with his balance. 

A lot will change in 2024 with Miami’s defense because of the arrival of Anthony Weaver. We know Anthony Weaver comes from Baltimore and more so comes from the Rex Ryan School of Defense. What base Weaver will run is yet to be seen.

With only 6 picks in a deep draft, the Dolphins will feel like they are missing out. Chris Grier must make his draft day magic work and see if he can acquire more picks, especially in rounds 3 and 4. Until then, Grier must maximize the 6 picks he does have and do his best scouting since joining the Dolphins.