Wholly COW Miami Dolphins pull out win with heroic offensive performance and a D that got it when it counted

At the end of the game, the Miami Dolphins got what they needed from their defense to save the day for an incredible offensive performance.
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers
Miami Dolphins v Los Angeles Chargers / Harry How/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins are 1-0 and sent a big message to the rest of the NFL, their offense is no joke. Not even a little bit.

After shooting themselves in the foot with bad snap exchanges and a very poor decision by Tua Tagovailoa on an endzone interception, Miami held on to tick the game in their favor. It wasn't easy but they pulled it out.

On the Dolphins second to last defensive drive, Miami was able to hold the Chargers to a field goal when it looked like they were heading to what would be a likely game winning TD. Miami took the ball at the 25 and couldn't do anything on the first two plays setting up a 3rd and long.

Tua then hit Tyreek Hill for a huge gain deep into the Chargers field and several plays later, the two connected again for a TD giving Miami the lead.

Jason Sanders missed extra point opened the door for the Chargers who were down by two with almost 2:00 minutes left and two timeouts.

After giving up over 200 yards rushing on the day, the Dolphins defense strapped up and came after Herbert forcing him to the ground. Miami sacked him twice on the final drive including the final play on 4th down. Tua took a knee and Miami leaves California with a huge victory.

On the day, Tua Tagovailoa threw for 466 yards and three touchdowns while Tyreek Hill made a statement against a team he has dominated. Hill finished the game with 11 receptions for 215 yards and two touchdowns.

While Miami's offense was on fire and nearly unstoppable (except at their own doing) it was the play of Zach Sieler and Jalean Phillips whose play in the last two minutes gave Miami a season opening win!

As a final note that absolutely can not be ignored, Miami's much criticized offensive line was nearly flawless today. No penalties and no sacks by Joey Bosa or Khalil Mack. A big hats off to Austin Jackson, Kendall Lamm, and Isaiah Wynn.