Why Miami Dolphins fans may want to at least consider rooting for the Bills on Sunday

The Miami Dolphins are concentrating on this weeks game against the Titans but Dolphins fans can look at other games, like the Bills and Chiefs.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins hold the number one seed in the AFC and that would be a huge win for the team if the season ended the same way. This week, fans may want to consider rooting for the Bills.

There are not many scenarios where the Buffalo Bills illicit a rooting response from Dolphins fans but this week may be one to do so.

As it stands now, the Chiefs are one game behind the Dolphins and Ravens for the top seed. The Bills, currently holding the 10th seed are three games out of the playoff picture with five weeks to go.

The Dolphins could wrap up the division as early as week 14 when they host the Jets at Hard Rock Stadium. The Bills play the Chiefs this week and the Cowboys the week after. This week, however, might serve to work in Miami's favor should they win.

If the Bills beat the Chiefs and Miami beats the Titans on Monday night, Miami would retain their 3-game lead on the Bills but would also take a 2-game lead over the Chiefs.

Miami's schedule is far from easy. They have the Titans and Jets in the next two weeks but will face the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills in the final three weeks of the season.

The Chiefs on the other hand have a pretty good schedule after this weekend. The Chiefs will play at New England, home against the Raiders and Bengals, and on the road in week 17 against the Chargers.

Kansas City should be favored in all of those games. With a one-game lead over K.C. for now, the Dolphins don't have a lot of room for error especially not having the head-to-head tie-breaker.

This week the Jaguars will play in Cleveland and will do so without Trevor Lawrence by the looks of it. They will then head home to face the Ravens in another critical AFC game that could provide more space for Miami.

The Dolphins have to maintain their own week-to-week job and not worry about what they can't control until they can control it. It is literally a one game at a time situation but as fans, we can look at the other games and realize that even rooting for the Bills could benefit the Dolphins.

Still, it is the Bills, and a loss by Buffalo not only drops them below .500 but also gives Miami a potential 4-game lead in the division with four games to go.

One thing is for certain, the outcome of Sunday, regardless of who you decide to root for, will have an impact on the Dolphins in a positive way provided they beat the Titans on the Monday.

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