Why Mike McDaniel can't hitch his coaching career to Anthony Campanile as Dolphins DC

Anthony Campanile is a good football coach and deserves to remain with the Miami Dolphins but not as a defensive coordinator, not yet.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
Miami Dolphins v New York Jets / Al Pereira/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins linebacker coach Anthony Campanile is going to be a star in the NFL. When his time comes, he will be very good at his job but right now isn't that time and Mike McDaniel doesn't have enough of it to wait.

It really doesn't matter how much you love Mike McDaniel or how much he drives you crazy if that is the side of the fence you are on. There is a single reality that Miami Dolphins fans need to realize, he doesn't have five years to prove his ability to win.

McDaniel is not on the coaching hot seat. That won't start to get warmer until after next season and by the end of the season, yes, it could be a little toasty. McDaniel is in year three of his contract and if he had come to the Dolphins with previous head coaching experience, there would be a pass for things like hiring the wrong DC.

Mike McDaniel doesn't have that luxury.

McDaniel doesn't need another aging DC like Vic Fangio but experience will help. He needs the help. Campanile is a good coach but if McDaniel thinks that promoting him to DC is a good idea, he needs to think about what happens if it is not. Reality? If McDaniel promotes Campanile and in two seasons the Dolphins are not progressing, both McDaniel and Campanile will be looking for work.

There is a lesser chance of that happening with an experienced DC. McDaniel wouldn't get fired if a Vic Fangio type failed at his job in Miami. Experienced DCs make sense for a young HC and when McDaniel gets into his second contract and starts building his coaching staff resumes, he can pick guys for top positions with little or no experience because he will be a more seasoned leader as well.

Right now, McDaniel has two years under his belt. Sure, his offense put up great stats this year but in the end, they only amounted to monumental letdowns late in the season.

I like what I have heard about Campanile but if I am McDaniel I'm not hitching my early coaching career to a guy that hasn't done it yet. For me, Campanile should remain on the staff and I would push that on a new DC. Then, if and when that DC leaves and I have an extension, I'm in a better position as a proven coach to take a risk on inexperience.

Campanile has been with the Dolphins since 2000 coaching the linebackers. The Dolphins are the only NFL team he has coached with. Previously his college career has included Boston College as a DB coach and in 2018 a co-DC/DB coach, LBs at Michigan, and TEs at Rutgers from 2013-2014 with WRs under his belt in 2015.

McDaniel isn't there yet and because of that, Campanile shouldn't be either. He may turn out to be a great choice and I'm not saying that he isn't a solid one, I'm saying I'm putting my career a little more under the microscope by doing so.

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