Why new court information on Dalvin Cook could sink his chances of joining the Miami Dolphins

Dalvin Cook is still waiting for a new team for the 2023 season and it may be a little longer before he finds one, and it may not be due to his own patience.

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The StarTribune is reporting that Cook offered his ex-girlfriend a million dollars in cash to clear his name after allegations of assault were made. This is according to a court filing.

The report is saying that Cook offered the woman $800K to sign an affidavit absolving Cook of abuse but then, after she has sworn under oath in her testimony, he apparently offered the woman $1 million to write a letter to the NFL.

You can read the full report at the link above but the question now is what does this do for Cook's future with the Miami Dolphins or somewhere else? It doesn't make it an easy future of simply holding out for more money. In fact, should he be facing a suspension of any kind, his value will most likely decline.

If Cook was smart, he would jump on Miami's offer now before it is either rescinded or lowered but even then, the Dolphins may rethink their options and either look elsewhere or go into the season satisfied with what they have.

The StarTribune says that the civil case will go to trial next year which would likely mean Cook will play without any suspensions this season until more is known and an investigation by the NFL can be made, but this is the NFL so who knows how they will handle this considering there is no criminal case in the matter.

The allegations against Cook are pretty severe but again, this is a civil case at the moment and not a criminal one. That is not to say the allegations are no less important or less serious, just stating the facts of the current situation.

Will Cook end up with the Miami Dolphins this year? That is going to be a tough question to answer but if Cook was hoping for a team to step up and pay him more, that likely has diminished with the news he tried to buy the woman out.